Meet Kelly Coughlin. He likes to box, scuba dive, and sail. He has four wonderful daughters. Kelly helps bank CEOs and CFOs manage their balance sheet financial risk.
Kelly was born in Kansas; went to college in Washington; studied Russian in Monterey; worked for Merrill Lynch in Seattle; PWC in New York; Lloyds Bank in Minneapolis and London. And got his MBA in Massachusetts. And was CEO of a financial technology company in Minneapolis. Kelly is the host of the syndicated program,
We know Boat Sea Captains have to deal with many risks and dangers in pursuit of their reward. And similarly, Bank C Officers have to deal with big risks and dangers like challenging economic weather; rough seas and markets; hidden reefs and rocks like credit defaults, business failures and cyber security breaches and piracy of data. All of this with the goal and expectation of achieving successful results for all stakeholders.
In addition to maritime tools, ship sea captains have a boatswain available to them to help achieve the mission of their ship. Bank C officers have the BANKBOSUN.COM available to help them achieve their mission.
BANKBOSUN.COM doesn’t provide maritime tools to ship sea captains, rather digital tools to bank C Officers to help them navigate risks and discover rewards.
So whether you are a bank CEO or CFO leading your ship through challenging seas, seeking opportunities and rewards; or a professional accountant, lawyer or broker operating in the banking ecosystem, listen to our podcasts, read our blog posts, and watch our videos to gain key insights on strategies and tactics to thriving in the banking ecosystem.
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Kelly Coughlin, CPA, is the CEO of BankBosun. He is the program host of the syndicated audio podcast, helping bank C-Suite Officers navigate risk and discover reward in the banking ecosystem. Kelly specializes in helping community bank manage three Rs: Risk, Revenue and Regulatory challenges.

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