Here is another good article from written by David Shoemaker and Ken Derks from Equias Alliance, LLC. Shoemaker is a CPA and the President of Equias and Derks is a principal with Equias. The Equias team has assisted over 800 banks in the design of nonqualified benefit plans, performance based compensation plans and bank owned life insurance.

The article, Executive Benefit Plans in 2016: Emerging Trends, published January 27, 2016, provides a good summary of the impact of some of the macro-economic forces like increased M&A have on executive benefit plans and executive compensation.

It is a well-written summary for those bank execs that want a quick and easy-to-read overview with some excellent content.

Kelly Coughlin, CPA is the CEO of BankBosun and an independent consultant with Equias Alliance, LLC (“Equias”). Kelly provides a balanced consultative approach in the design, implementation and administration of bank owned life insurance (BOLI) and nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans that best serve clients’ objectives and needs.

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