Your company is a great story. Why was your company started? Who started your company? What need did it fill? Where is it going? Who are your target customers? Why are they your target customers? Why do they need you? Why are you better than your competitors? What are the issues that you face? What are the issues your customers face? Do you help them deal with these issues…easier, cheaper, lower-risk, better service? These are just a few of the topics to be covered in an informal interview….NOT a white paper or sales sheet.

NEWS FLASH!! People don’t read anymore. The human voice is the perfect tool to communicate your message and story with emotion, energy and maybe even entertainment. You simply cannot get that with the written word. The pen is mightier than the sword, but your voice is stronger than both! Use it to win baby win!


Once we have captured your voice, we also like to publish the results in a print book, eBook, and pdf. Our research shows that half of your customer market will listen first and read again second; and other half reads first and listens second. Regardless, with our audiocasting program you are prepared for both.


In addition to printing the content we are expert at syndicate through other media venues including iTunes, Googleplay, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, websites (yours, ours others), and email links. And here is the really cool thing, you know those centers-of-influence your try to get to send you some clients? Well, let’s include them in one of your audio interviews and guess what…they send the link their interview to all their clients and prospects and you get your name and brand sent out to all of them as well. That’s what we call Tactical Ecosystem Marketing.





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