BankBosun works with a number of companies to help them connect with community and regional banks. We utilize some combination of audiocasting, email marketing, video production, infographics and direct phone contact and introductions.

Give us a call to talk about how we can help you enhance your connections in the banking ecosystem. Tactical ecosystem marketing can help you too! Or listen to this audio podcast to learn the benefits of audiocasting with BankBosun.

We specialize in offering four categories of services, all focused on assisting bank C-Suite executives manage risk and discover reward in the banking ecosystem. The common theme of these services is they all materially impact the balance sheet of the bank and require the attention of the board of directors and executive managers of community banks throughout the U.S.

Bank Owned Life Insurance – to generate tax-favored, stable investment returns with an additional life insurance death benefit.

Bank Nonqualified Benefit Compensation to retain and recruit top quality executives that will not crush the bank’s income statement.

BankBosun Audiocastingin today’s market, there is no form of wide audience communication that rivals the effectiveness of BankBosun Syndicated Audiocasting. It is cost-effective AND great for revenue creation. And for banks with new or existing bank owned life insurance, the cost might be zero!

Bank Tactical Ecosystem Marketing – to compete more effectively against major banks, brokers and advisors for deposits and loans, wealth management and trust.

Bank C-Suite officers should contact Kelly Coughlin to discuss how these strategies can help their bank navigate risk and discover reward in the banking ecosystem.



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