Bank Ecosystem

Question: What is a business ecosystem?
Answer: A business community interacting with each other to deliver products or services to an industry through complementation, cooperation and competition.

Question: What is the BankBosun banking ecosystem?
Answer: Community banks and C level bank officers plus accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, insurance carriers, securities brokers, investment bankers, cyber security experts, IT professionals, technology providers and consultants supporting the community banking industry.

Hermit Crab
Orca Whale
Reef Shark
Tiger Shark
Whale Shark
Kelly Coughlin
CFOs and CEOs

If you are a senior executive operating in the banking ecosystem, we invite you to listen to our podcasts and provide us content you think would be a value to this ecosystem. If you have something valuable to say, drop us a line and request to be an interviewed guest on a future show. All shows can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play store and Amazon and linked to your own website. No fee. No charge. All for the good of promoting a healthy banking ecosystem in all communities throughout the US.

Find these ecosystem participants in the image and click to see who they represent:

If you think another sea creature belongs in our banking ecosystem; identify, recommend and explain why this sea creature belongs and who it represents. A $100 gift card will be awarded to any recommendations accepted.

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