Is a whale shark a fish, a shark or a whale? Well, in some ways all of the above. But actually, the whale shark is not a whale at all. And in terms of a traditional shark with man-eating teeth, it is not a shark. Rather a big-time fish. And its sheer size and name causes it to be one of the most feared creatures of the sea.

Is a risk manager an accountant or insurance broker or an investment consultant? Like a whale shark, it is all of the above. A risk manager uses insurance as one of its tools to manage risk…P&C for damage to property; E&O for damage by employee mistakes; and bank owned life insurance (BOLI). Similar to the whale shark, BOLI is often misunderstood and feared as another “insurance” product, when actually it can be used as an effective investment product (sorry, that was shameless promotion of the BankBosun’s preferred investment product).

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