Sponsorship of a specific podcast is available for guests or companies seeking to promote their services to the banking ecosystem. The following are five standards and requirements we maintain in order to ensure the listener experience is good:

  1. An announcement of the sponsor with a brief description of the company is made at the BEGINNING of the podcast accompanied. As a result, the listener is given the opportunity to OPT OUT of the sponsor audio interview promotion, after listening to the podcast.
  2. An audio interview up to five minute will be provided to the sponsor at the END of the podcast.
  3. The audio interview will be provided to the sponsor for review and edit of content.
  4. The podcast and the sponsor’s promotion will be syndicated to iTunes, GooglePlay and other podcast syndicators.
  5. The content is available as a mobile device application.

Contact: info [at] bankbosun [dot].com for additional information.