The medium is the message. And we syndicate your message through multiple media including audio, video, and print. But audio is our favorite. And it all starts with a recorded interview of you and all members in your business ecosystem. We then leverage this content and use it so your audience can find you in Google, YouTube, iTunes, LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, our website, and links to your clients, prospects and centers of influence. Your entire ecosystem is working with and for you.

We produce, publish and syndicate the BankBosun Top Ten Podcast Series. A cost-effective way to get started in the audiocasting world is to sign up for one or more of these productions. Check out the BankBosun Top Ten Podcasts below:


Top Ten Podcasts: Revenue Creation for Community and Regional Banks

Upcoming Q4 2017 – Q1 2018

Top Ten Podcasts: Alternative Asset Custody

Top Ten Podcasts: Bank Owned Life Insurance

Top Ten Podcasts: Technology Solutions for Community and Regional Banks

Top Ten Podcasts: Cyber Security Risk Management

Top Ten Podcasts: Wealth Management for Community and Regional Banks

Top Ten Podcasts Insurance Risk Management

Upcoming Q2 – Q3 2018:

Top Ten Podcasts: M&A and Valuations

Top Ten Podcasts: Credit Risk Management

Top Ten Podcasts: Law and Accounting for Community and Regional Banks

We have a great formula for your success in the community and regional bank market. Bankers are smart, discerning and budget constrained. We help you communicate your core value proposition efficiently and cost-effectively to help you and your bank clients win, win win!